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Junior Viewpoint
Datahandling for children

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Datafiles and Activity Sheets

Each section has a zip file, containing a number of datafiles on the given subject. Once unzipped, VPF files will load into your existing copy of ViewPoint.

There is also an activity sheet (in PDF format) to support these resources, and this can be downloaded separately. To download any file, click on the download link and save the resources straight onto your hard disk.

Football - Key Stages 2, 3 & 4
datafiles analysing team performances: Football 2000, Football 96, Internationals, World Cup.

PDF Activity Booklet (1.4mb)
Datafiles (748kb)


Athletics - Key Stages 2, 3 & 4
Here is a datafile examining athletic performances in the history of the Olympic games.

PDF Activity Booklet (770kb)
Datafile (70kb)


Formula1 - Key Stages 2, 3 & 4
Examine sporting data and analyse driver performances with these two datafiles: Drivers, Formula1.

PDF Activity Booklet (904kb)
Datafiles (202kb)


Ancient Civilisations - Key Stages 2
A datafile exploring facts about major civilisations from all over the world, including famous people, leaders and inventions.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (19kb)


Animal Kingdom - Key Stages 2 & 3
datafiles (Animals, Appearance, Defence, In Brief) providing a broad range of relevant investigative work for any topic on world animals.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (110kb)


Britain since 1930 - Key Stages 2
A look at the major events and changes during the latter part of the twentieth century. There are four datafiles: At Work, Census, Events, Traffic.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (59kb)


British Monarchs - Key Stages 2
Data on every monarch since Saxon times presented as seven datafiles: Events, Marriage, Deaths, Children, People, Personal, Monarchs.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (160kb)


Dinosaurs - Key Stages 2 & 3
A datafile packed with data on 62 dinosaurs, including classification, family groups, diet and size.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (17kb)


Environment - Key Stages 2 & 3
Eleven datafiles (total) examining the living environment: Habitat (3), Weather (3), Solar System (3), Litter (1), Exercise (1).

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (91.7kb)


Festivals - Key Stages 2 & 3
Interesting facts on the many festivals celebrated around the world today presented in two datafiles: Festivals1, Festivals 2.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (21kb)


Food Glorious Food - Key Stages 2 & 3
Investigate source, energy and composition of many foods to make a balanced diet using these two datafiles: Foods, Nutrients.

PDF activity sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (21kb)


Junior Olympics - Key Stages 2 & 3
Look at links between physical characteristics and sporting performance with these two datafiles: Olympics1, Olympics2.

PDF activity sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (16kb)


Looking at the World - Key Stages 2
Eleven datafiles
covering: Antofagasta, Bangkok, Cairo, Calcutta, Chicago, Christchurch, Harbin, London, Moscow, Sydney, World.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
atafiles (28kb)


Materials - Key Stages 2 & 3
The chemical properties and uses of commonly found materials in five datafiles: Clothes, Quiz, Material1, Material2, Material3.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (69kb)


Natural Forces - Key Stages 2 & 3
Look at various types of forces found in the world around us - their properties and how they are created. Six datafiles available.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (80kb)


Plants and Animals - Key Stages 2 & 3
Six datafiles that include data on over 100 plants and animals: Pets, Owls, Minibeasts, PlantAn1, PlantAn2, PlantAn3.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (119kb)


Storysearch - Key Stages 2 & 3
The datafile invites readers to respond to a range of features in books and audio stories.

PDF activity sheet (349kb)
Datafile (119kb)


Victorian Crime and Punishment - Key Stages 2 & 3
Real data and photographs from the archives of Huntingdon County Gaol (1869-1878) can be found in these two datafiles: Prison, Prisoner.

PDF Activity Sheet (349kb)
PDF Resources (1.2mb)
Datafiles (119kb)


Victorians - Key Stages 2 & 3
Look at the major discoveries and important people that made the Victorian period in these three datafiles: Inventions, People, Street.

PDF activity sheet (349kb)
Datafiles (26kb)

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