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Notate 2

Subject:  Music
Age range:  5-14 Years
National Curriculum:  Key Stage 1-3
Scottish Curriculum:  Level A-E
Publisher:  Logotron

Designed in the classroom for music education

Notate 2 is a music composition program intended for children with no particular previous musical knowledge. It provides an intuitive user interface to enable exploration of traditional music notation and the investigation of musical patterns and structures.

The Notate 2 environment contains a range of easy-to-use features, designed to support musical beginners. It provides a way for all pupils to ‘try out’ musical ideas without having to be able to perform them, and without them having to understand complex notation.

Notate 2 is able to give traditional music notation meaning, as users can drag and drop notes while listening to the pitches and melodic musical patterns being created.

music composition notation

Pupils have the confidence to experiment musically and the opportunity to develop their initial ideas using a range of tools, such as move, copy, repeat and undo/redo. Users can explore a different range of timbres than is possible with traditional classroom instruments.

music composition notation

Notation is made easy with a wide range of note lengths & pitches; time & key signatures; and treble, bass & single line percussion clefs.

primary music softwarePupils can record in real time or step time from an onscreen or external music keyboard.

Notate 2 has a range of features specifically designed to support use on an interactive whiteboard.

Notate 2 is supplied with photocopy-friendly pupil activity sheets, and over 200 musical example and template files, to give ideas and provide materials for use in composition such as rhythm patterns.

primary software for music education

An extensive teaching guide helps you make the most of Notate 2 in the classroom, giving detailed information on curriculum links and its use with the QCA Schemes of Work.

“Many children in the class, including some less able and others normally unenthusiastic about music, have been asking when they can use Notate again as they want to extend their compositions. I look forward to using it again with them. We all had fun!”

Fiona Greer, Year 5 and 6 Teacher, Grazeley Parochial Primary, Reading

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