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Junior Viewpoint
Datahandling for children

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“Finding things out” is at the heart of ICT and an essential component of every statutory curriculum. Junior Viewpoint is an ideal way to give pupils the skills and knowledge they need in this aspect of ICT. Pupils can use Junior Viewpoint to: design their database; view their collected data in its original form or easy to scan tables; and plot pictorial representations of data.

You can download extra datafiles to give you more ideas about interesting things to do with Junior Viewpoint. These downloadable resources are freely available for all Junior Viewpoint customers.

You can also upgrade your software to the latest version FREE.

FREE for Junior Viewpoint. Football datafiles, Olympic Athletics datafiles, and Formula1 datafiles, give your pupils the opportunity to investigate and interrogate sets of real data. Use them to support topical work, such as World Cup 2006, or to provide themed work that will appeal to all children. Includes high quality pupil worksheets.

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