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Revelation Natural Art

Subject:  Art and Design
Age range:  5-14 Years
National Curriculum:  Key Stage 1-3
Scottish Curriculum:  Level A-E
Publisher:  Logotron
Special needs Grouping:  Other Curriculum areas
Logotron :: Art + Design :: Revelation Natural Art

Using ICT to explore, develop and express visual ideas

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Revelation Natural Art can easily be configured to meet any learner’s specific needs. You can add or reduce the number of tools available to make the program as powerful or as simple to use as you wish.

The combination of a highly configurable interface, rich natural media effects, progressive undo, curriculum stamp library, symmetry tools, motif and tiling editor, texture effects and easy, intuitive user experience makes Revelation Natural Art the best painting, drawing and animation tool for pupils of all ages and abilities.

The fully customisable interface constructor allows you to:

  • Add or remove tools to meet any user’s abilities
  • Increase/decrease tool button sizes
  • Add or remove any menu options
  • Move tools around; lock or undock toolbars
  • Create completely new toolbars with new behaviours
  • Save and load your own customised settings for future use

Three pre-configured interfaces tailor the software to the needs of a young KS1 learner, a KS2 learner and a confident KS3/4 user. The rich range of super realistic natural media effects allows all users to work intuitively with the same tools on the computer that they have already used in their real life Art and Design work:

  • Click here to enlarge Crayons
  • Oil Pastels
  • Pencils
  • Charcoal
  • Felt pens
  • Chalks
  • Acrylic paints
  • Poster paints
  • Watercolour paints
  • Airbrush sprays

In addition, users lucky enough to have access to alternative input devices like pressure sensitive screens, pressure sensitive graphics tablets and the forthcoming Tablet PCs with pen sensitive screens will find Revelation Natural Art provides the most amazing and natural user experience for drawing, painting and animation directly onto their screen. Progressive undo and redo allow all users to undo (step by step) the whole of their painting or drawing to try again and again until they are satisfied with the results they have achieved.

  • Stamp library - provides hundreds of curriculum relevant images. Stamps can be used as single images or sequences, can be resized, flipped, skewed and transformed. The user can also create and save their own artwork as stamps.
  • Examples of workCircle, Rectangle, Star, Spline and Polygon tools - allow a rich range of shape construction when creating images. These images can be in outline or filled mode.
  • Symmetry tools - offer two and four way symmetry – both when using the painting tools and also when working with stamps, effects, textures, motifs and text.
  • Motif editor - allos the learner to experiment with and apply a range of pattern and tiling effects, in a wide range of combinations.
  • Texture chooser - lets the user apply media with a range of textured background effects, to simulate different paper types and media combinations.
  • Effects tools - allow areas of your image to be smeared, lightened, darkened sharpened, softened and outlined in a simple, intuitive fashion.
  • Animation tools allow for images to be combined to generate film/cartoon sequences. Onion skinning allows you to see a shadow of the previous frame as you draw the current frame, and the Stamp library provides a range of ready-to-use cartoon elements.

Revelation Natural Art allows you to work with images from a wide variety of sources. Use digital photographs, image scans, web graphics and many other sources as your starting point. Any images you produce with Revelation Natural Art can easily be saved for use on the web (including animations), used in DTP, presentation or word processing software or incorporated directly into your Imagine Logo projects.

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Offering the sensational new VOLITO pressure sensitive graphics tablet and pen from Wacom alongside Revelation Natural Art at a great price. You can find out more about the graphics tablet solution here.


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