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  Age range     6-13+ years  
  Key Stages     1-3/4  
  Scotland     to P8  
  Also suitable for     SEN, ABE, Whiteboard  
  Author     Marion Broadie  
  Available for     PC Windows  
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Product information

Music writing software

"This product is quite simply fantastic. Full of ready to use activities and lessons it has got be the best educational software I have ever purchased." - Amazon Customer Review (more in 'Reviews and Quotes' below)

Most music software is, like sheet music, black and white, and you have to manipulate 'fiddly' traditional notation or sequence someone else's clips. And if you prefer to start with or add lyrics, you can't.

Now you can. Although you can work with notation if you wish, Words and Music also provides colourful 'paper strips' - slide them up and down to change pitch, stretch, shrink, split and join them to make different notes. You write lyrics by typing on the paper strips or under the staves, and can switch between either display at any time. As your confidence grows, you may prefer to explore harmonies and chords by working on more than one stave (the 'Trio' screen). Editing tools include insert, cut, paste and copy, and there's even a 'Zoom' feature that provides an overview of your composition - a great place to explore and discuss musical shapes and patterns.

To help the busy teacher or parent, Words and Music includes two Resource Books of lesson ideas. Printable worksheets are on the CD, and there are hundreds of ready-to-use activity files and suggestions for getting started at home or in the classroom, including how to make your own activity files, save, print, etc. Opportunities for linking Music and Literacy (syllables, rhythm, stresses and intonation of speech, etc.) and for developing composition, songwriting and performance skills abound.
  • Not just another 'sequencer' - users create their very own music
  • Treble, alto, bass and/or percussion tracks
  • Display lyrics and/or note names
  • Use chords or turn them off
  • Change key and time sigs, swap between major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic, blues and DIY scales
  • More than 300 instruments
  • Saves MP3, MIDI, MusicXML and WAV files
  • Includes straight-forward options
  • Share work via our website, burn CDs, enjoy it on MP3 players
  • BETT Awards 2007 runner up

Supplied with
  • Printed Quick Start Guide
  • Resource Book with 24 QCA-linked activities and worksheets (printed edition schools only)
  • Reference Guide (on the CD-ROM and installed with the software)
  • Extension Activities Guide and worksheets (on the CD and installed along with the software)
Reviews and quotes
"Words and Music is quite simply fantastic. Full of ready to use activities and lessons it has got be the best educational software I have ever purchased. It is a home educators dream. It has been an instant hit with my nine year old daughter who finds the intuitive interface a joy to use. She especially likes the recording feature." - Amazon Customer Review Click here for more...

"If your Year 7 intake includes students who are unfamiliar with notation, Words and Music might prove a useful secondary classroom resource. The use of words can act as a stimulus and the program makes it easy to include literacy in compositions. The program comes into its own when demonstrating how music can be represented visually. It offers an excellent route into writing melodies with simple accompaniments. I can see the software being very useful as part of a Year 7 bridging unit, or as a precursor to using Sibelius or other more sophisticated packages..." - Classroom Music, Spring 2008

"Words and Music is a vibrant and versatile program, which has a multitude of learning opportunities, and can be used for cross-curricular activities successfully. The program has much strength including its layout and display and more importantly it is user friendly for both pupil and teacher! From a teacher point of view the designers of this software have produced short demonstration activities that are split into categories, allowing the teacher to learn to use a particular area of the program. Each section is informative and clearly described for the teacher to follow. All the programs main features are included, especially the invaluable 'options' section, which provides teacher controls." - TEEM Click here for more...

"Is it a word-processor, a sequencer or a score notator? All three actually. Described by Topologika as being positioned between pre-notation primary music software and professional score-writing software, Words and Music is designed to engage children and draw them into creative and educational musical and literacy activities... One of the really impressive features of this program is that lyrics can be easily set to music, or music to lyrics... There are links to QCA schemes of work and an excellent set of worksheets... And when the children have had their fill of composition, transposition, time signatures and pentatonic scales... plug in a microphone and let them loose in karaoke wonderland. They'll love it!" - Hugh John, TES Teacher 
System requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit)
  • Mouse and/or keyboard
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Format and Licence Networkable Ex.Vat Inc.Vat Code 26554
Windows CD-Single User £59.00 £70.80 71379-SU
Windows CD-Licence 5 users £99.00 £118.80 71379-L5
Windows CD-Licence 10 users £149.00 £178.80 71379-L10
Windows CD-Licence 15 users £199.00 £238.80 71379-L15
Windows CD-Primary Site Licence £249.00 £298.80 71379-PRI
Windows CD-Secondary Site Licence £349.00 £418.80 71379-SEC
Home Windows CD-Single User Home £17.00 £20.40 71380-SU
Free online resources
Downloadable guided tour

Download the guided tour (14.1MB)

General teaching links
NC (KS1-4) Music
QCA (Music KS1-3): Supports all units
Can also be used to inspire creativity in Literacy 
Small screenshot

The 'Paper' screen. Lyrics appear on 'paper strips', which can be moved up or down to change their pitch, or stretched and shrunk. Click the arrow below to hear a tune.

Small screenshot

The 'Trio' screen. Lyrics are typed and displayed below each stave, and notes be changed. Play, record and editing tools are at the bottom of the screen. Click the arrow to hear a composition.

Small screenshot

Notes are highlighted as they play, and the music scrolls along.

Small screenshot

The 'Zoom' screen encourages analysis of musical shapes and patterns.

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