Story Scaffolds Y6

English & Literacy

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  Age range     9-14  
  Key Stages     2-3  
  Scotland     P3+  
  Also suitable for     ABE  
  Author     Marshal Anderson  
  Available for     PC Windows  
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Product information

Dramatically improve story-writing skills with this interactive CD-ROM.

Trialled in schools with outstanding success, Story-writing Scaffolds (Year 6) teaches children how to plan and write stories in a variety of different genres. It is extremely easy to use and will appeal to children of different ability and interest levels.

The Story-writing Scaffolds software features a specially designed, well thought out word processor which is easy to navigate. Resulting text can be imported into any other word processor the school may already have.
  • Excellent onscreen support talking help genie and speech facilities
  • Teachers can create their own scaffolds
  • A wide selection of clip art that can be placed within the text
  • The story can be written in stages in any order and the whole story can be viewed and read at any time
  • Valuable on-screen word bank and thesaurus

Supplied with
  • Handbook
Reviews and quotes
"... this program has been well thought out in order to aid story writing development. There is even an excellent tool (the scaffold editor) that allows you to edit the current scaffolds or make your own from scratch!" - Julie Yaxley, EC&T Magazine, Sept 2005 
System requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP
  • Pentium II 300Mhz or greater
  • Works with switches and IntelliKeys
Pack prices
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Format and Licence Networkable Ex.Vat Inc.Vat Code 28102
Windows CD-Single User £39.00 £46.80 5056000-SU
Windows CD-Licence 5 users £59.00 £70.80 5056000-L5
Windows CD-Licence 10 users £79.00 £94.80 5056000-L10
Windows CD-Site Licence Clearance £99.00
£79.60 5056000-L
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Matched to the Literacy Framework for Year 6 
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Story-writing Scaffolds (Year 6)

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Story-writing Scaffolds (Year 6)

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Story-writing Scaffolds (Year 6)

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