Sellardore Tales

English & Literacy

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  Age range     8-15 years  
  Key Stages     2-4  
  Scotland     P4-S3  
  Also suitable for     SEN, ABE  
  Author     Marshal Anderson  
  Available for     Windows and your VLE  
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Product information

"This is a new version of an old favourite. The simple text and colourful graphics, the fantasy adventure narrative and the computer game feel are all well suited to the target audience." TEEM (See the complete review below.)

Sellardore Tales is a Literacy-based action adventure which pupils complete by giving a series of instructions e.g. GO NORTH and TAKE LAMP. In the strange and magical land of Sellardore they must think their way through to the exciting conclusion where they unblock the Black River, rescuing the inhabitants of Sellardore from starvation.

The software is presented in a grown up style to meet the needs of older pupils, yet keeps to a reading age of 7 to 8 years. Players must first read the 56 page illustrated story which sets the scene (a copy is supplied in the pack). While exploring Sellardore a wily wizard and a dangerous dragon will be met, but the Handbook, complete with solution, will keep you one step ahead. The pack comes complete with ideas for linked work in Creative Writing, Art and Literacy and a map for pupils who find making their own tough.

Sellardore works best when tackled collaboratively, e.g. by pupils sharing a computer or by a whole class enjoying the experience across a network), so the VLE SCORM versions now included in our Site Licence packs (see below) encourage this. Pupils could, for example, be challenged to explore the magical world of Sellardore at home, saving their position to continue back at school, where they can discuss and write about how they snook past the dragon and why!

Adventure software with a grown-up look but a reading age of 7-8 years. Available on CD for Windows and for your VLE/Learning Platform! Explore the game and resources online on Moodle - log in as a Guest!

Supplied with
  • Handbook
  • 56 page illustrated story book - 'Zorin, the Curse of Sellardore'
  • 20 activity sheets
  • Map
  • Site Licence packs now include:
- a VLE/SCORM CD (see below for supported platforms)
- a standard Windows Site Licence CD
- a FREE Home Edition for pupils without home internet access
Reviews and quotes
"This is a new version of an old favourite. The simple text and colourful graphics, the fantasy adventure narrative and the computer game feel are all well suited to the target audience." TEEM Click here for more...

"Due to its adventure style quest, the program will be particularly popular with reluctant boy readers." - Junior Education 
System requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit)
  • Mouse or keyboard
  • Frog
  • Kaleidos
  • Moodle
  • Sharepoint
  • Studywiz
  • Other VLEs as soon as they provide online test facilities. Can you help?
Pack prices
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Format and Licence Networkable Ex.Vat Inc.Vat Code 18800
Windows CD-Single User £49.00 £58.80 71320-SU
Windows CD-Licence 5 users £89.00 £106.80 71320-L5
Windows CD-Licence 10 users £139.00 £166.80 71320-L10
Windows CD-Licence 15 users £189.00 £226.80 71320-L15
Windows CD-Primary Site Licence £239.00 £286.80 71320-PRI
Windows CD-Secondary Site Licence £339.00 £406.80 71320-SEC
Mac CD-Single User £49.00 £58.80 71357-SU
Mac CD-Licence 5 users £89.00 £106.80 71357-L5
Mac CD-Licence 10 users £139.00 £166.80 71357-L10
Mac CD-Licence 15 users £189.00 £226.80 71357-L15
Mac CD-Primary Site Licence £239.00 £286.80 71357-PRI
Mac CD-Secondary Site Licence £339.00 £406.80 71357-SEC
Home Windows CD-Single User £17.01 £20.41 71348-SU
Free online resources
Downloadable demo(s)

Download a Windows demo (4.2 MB)

Product resources

View and print the worksheets and maps
General teaching links
NC (KS2-4): En2
NLS: Text level (Reading comprehension) Y3-6
Framework for teaching English: Text level (Reading for meaning) Y7-9 
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Buy a spell from the wizard, but watch what he has to say

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Think carefully about your next move... Is it wise to feed the dragon?

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The Zorin of Zorin Talking Story can be read on screen

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or the 56 page book can be printed out

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20 activity sheets provide work away from the computer

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