Screen Turtle 2

Maths & Numeracy

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  Age range     6-15 years  
  Key Stages     1-4  
  Scotland     to S3  
  Also suitable for     SEN  
  Author     Marshal Anderson  
  Available for     PC Windows  
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Product information

A proven and friendly post-Bigtrak, 'turtling' and Logo environment for today's classrooms

Many 'Logo' and turtle-graphics packs can be a bit of a mystery, so we designed ScreenTurtle 2 to address this. The program is quick to learn, yet still offers all the features needed in busy primary and secondary classrooms.

Young 'programmers' are not expected to learn a whole new language, because ordinary English words or abbreviations are used, e.g. FORWARD, FD and AHEAD all do the same. They can UNDO commands, PAINT with the mouse, get HELP and even keep notes. Printing is as easy as typing PRINT SCREEN or PRINT WORDS (procedures), which can of course be SAVEd.

Exploring shape and space whilst being introduced to real-time and 'saved' programming, pupils are encouraged to think about the way shapes are made using distances and angles, and to solve spatial problems. Older students can try REPEAT loops and variables, plus unique maths-style BEARING and VECTOR commands.

Much imitated, ScreenTurtle 2 offers reliable group and network support and includes worksheets, ‘tricky turtle challenges’ and a classroom support booklet.

And if children have been experimenting with BIGTRAK (see 'General teaching Links', right), this should be the next step in their learning!
Supplied with
  • Information Sheet
  • Function key card
  • Handbook (print from the CD)
  • Worksheets (print from the CD)
  • Classroom Notes (print from the CD)
Reviews and quotes
"ScreenTurtle has all the graphic commands and most of the structures of a full Logo but it doesn't seem to mind that I can't be bothered to learn a whole vocabulary and syntax before I use it, and it will allow a child or teacher to be creative with spelling and form without refusing to do what they want." - Educational Computing & Technology

"The boys did make a circle as soon as you answered my 'how do we do that?' e-mail, and the excitement was exhilerating. Caused everyone to come and look. Such a simple program but so effective. Thanks again." Marg Lester, ICT Teacher, Bonsall Primary 
System requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit)
  • Mouse and keyboard
Pack prices
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Format and Licence Networkable Ex.Vat Inc.Vat Code 2900
Windows CD-Single User £29.00 £34.80 71294-SU
Windows CD-Licence 5 users £49.00 £58.80 71294-L5
Windows CD-Licence 10 users £74.00 £88.80 71294-L10
Windows CD-Primary Site Licence £89.00 £106.80 71294-PRI
Windows CD-Secondary Site Licence £89.00 £106.80 71294-SEC
Home Windows CD-Single User £12.76 £15.31 71347-SU
Free online resources
Downloadable demo(s)

Download a Windows demo (6.32Mb)

Product resources

View and print the worksheets
General teaching links
NC (KS2&3): MaMa3, ICT
NNS: Solving problems and Shape and Space Y4-6
Framework for teaching Mathematics: Logo Y7-9, QCA (ICT KS1&2): 4B, 4E (ICT KS3): Unit 6

Bigtrak 2010 
Small screenshot
Pupils are inspired to think about shape and space

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Develop all-round Maths skills – not just ‘turtle graphics’!

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Exploration of number, length, angular turns, directions, …

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The ‘Define’ window tests simple procedures

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