Although Topologika has contracted since it's heyday, we still sell and support our software and keep an eye on what's going on in education. Here's a rundown of who helped us get off the ground, and there's a bit more about us here.


Brian Kerslake, Managing Director
I read Ergonomics & Cybernetics at Loughborough University 1965-69, then programmed for Lyons Bakery and London's Royal College of Art, where I researched computer-aided design of school buildings. A PGCE teacher-training course followed, BBC micros arrived in schools (I was middle school teaching in West Germany at the time), and I got fed up with giving away software I'd written for my class. Chalksoft Ltd and then Topologika followed. Our USP remains: "if it's better done on paper, then it should be".

Maddy Kerslake, Company Secretary & Accounts
Taught for many years whilst managing Topologika in her spare time; in fact, in one memorable year she not only did both jobs but also gained an O.U. Honours Degree while holding down a part-time job with an estate agent! She finally escaped the classroom when Topologika moved to Cornwall in 1996, and still manages us (in a semi-retired sort of way) with maximum efficiency.


Marshal Anderson
Ex-primary teacher Marshal commenced designing educational software for Sherston Software back in the 80's as soon as he got his hands on a BBC micro. You'll find many of his later packages in our range, including MusicBox 2, Sellardore Tales, Stig of the Dump, textThing PLUS, textThing MFL, MathsBook PLUS and ScreenTurtle 2. You can visit his own website here.

Will Godfrey
Not just our network support expert, Will also offered fantastic technical support across our whole range, and still advises us when he can. He's the author of more than a handful of our titles, including the Mania series, Talking Clocks PLUS and MusicBox 2. You can visit his own website here.

Bob Black
Bob designed Speaking For Myself and parts of the Scally series. Formerly the Education Officer for the Down's Syndrome Association, Bob still found time to advise us on special needs and offered guidance on using our software with pupils with learning disabilities.

John Godfrey
John is a freelance graphic designer whose work forms the backbone of several of our titles including the Mania series, Sellardore Tales and MusicBox 2. He's also a musician/composer who wrote many of our 'groovy' intro tunes. Visit his website here.

Melanie Crosby
Melanie's role was in PR, marketing and business development. She now lives and works in the French Alps (Serre Chevalier), where she runs a great holiday and ski coaching business Eurekaski.

Jules Godfrey
Jules worked helped us design and test software (notably Music Box 2, Words & Music and the Mania series), manage dealers, liaise with advisors and running our marketing and PR activities. She's now gone off to do other things.

Marion Broadie
Marion was primary class teacher whodeveloped music and ICT throughout a KS 2 school and was also an associate ICT advisory teacher. In the early 80s she designed Peter Beaters Music Games for the BBC B micro. A multitude of other ideas followed which took Topologika and herself 12 years, on and off, to prune and develop as Words and Music.


  The Topologika Team
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Wednesday 1st June, 2016
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