Pre-21st Century Adventure Games

Back in the Eighties when Acornsoft gave up producing software, we took publication rights for a range of well-respected classic text adventures, including Countdown to Doom, Philosophers Quest, Kingdom of Hamil and Acheton. We went on to convert these to run on ZX Spectrums, Amstrads and even Ataris, and released new games like Return to Doom, Last Days of Doom, Hezarin, Avon, Murdac and SpySnatcher. Although we no longer produce these 'cult' adventures, people often email for details and solutions to them. So here's a list of sites where you can find out more about them, and even download free PC versions!

The Interactive Fiction Archive
Downloadable PC versions of many of the Cambridge games.

Adventure Land
Devoted to all things that are adventure games. It has a large section on Topologika games.

The BBC Lives!
A shrine to the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron. Although it may sound sad, it can be very therapeutic to read through the list of BBC games available, and reminisce. You'll also find BBC emulators for your PC so you can download and play these games.

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