Topologika was established by teachers Brian and Maddy Kerslake in 1987, so we are celebrating our 25th year! Our tried-and-tested Windows software covers subjects from Early Learning, Maths & Numeracy, Music, Literacy, Science, Problem Solving, MFL to Design & Technology - use those links or click here to see our complete range. (Please note that our titles are not web apps - they are supplied on CD, with Handbooks and really useful worksheets.)

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Current Best Sellers
1 Speaking for Myself PLUS - KS1 speaking, listening and reading
2 MathMania 11-14 - KS3 Maths quizzes, puzzles & mazes
3 WordMania 11-14 - KS3 English quizzes, puzzles & mazes
4 Words & Music - compose & edit tunes, even add lyrics!
5 Talking Clocks PLUS - learn to tell the time & set clocks
What People Say (scroll for more)

"Words & Music is ... simply fantastic. Full of ready-to-use activities and lessons it's the best educational software I've purchased, a home educators dream (and) an instant hit with my nine year old daughter" - Amazon Review

"I would like to say how impressed I am with Topologika's service throughout all my transactions and do not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanks again." Jane Sampson (parent and teacher)

"The children made a circle as soon as you answered my e-mail, and the excitement was exhilarating... ScreenTurtle 2 is such a simple but effective program" Marg Lester, ICT Teacher, Bonsall Primary

"Scally's World of Verbs (contains) a handbook, storybook, music for Scally’s catchy song plus flash cards - a beautiful, enjoyable program which can be configured to meet children's needs" - TES Online

"My son moved up to high school this year and really misses MusicBox 2 . He sometimes calls into my school to play the compositions he saved... It's really helped to develop his confidence in music and composition" - Christine Duffin (Bury)

"Students like ScienceMania's great graphics and the fun animations are an integral part" - Simon Midgley, Rhyddings School

"Speaking for Myself PLUS is an excellent resource for teaching speaking and listening. It is hugely interactive and can be used independently or by a small group or whole class via an interactive whiteboard" - TEEM

"Scally's World of Problems encourages players to explore ideas and think. (It is) entertaining and challenges a wide age range, including adults, without frustrating elements ... such as dead ends and hidden items" - Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

"Talking Clocks PLUS is visually superb, easy to use and configure and, importantly, has been specifically designed to dovetail with the National Numeracy Strategy" - TEEM

"Ideal for Primary and KS3/4 pupils, textThing PLUS seems excellent value for money as it provides so much for both teacher and pupil combining many activities into one program" Victoria Crivelli, BDA (British Dyslexia Association)

"The competitive interest generated through Wordmania 7-11's multiplayer option is addictive. (The pack) provides effective revision for what can be a rather dry curriculum area" - TEEM

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Download Marshal Anderson\'s creativity tool for all ages INK BLOTS. See what yours say about you!

Giant Killer manual Giant Killer text adventure
Download Peter Killworth\'s classic 1987 text-only Maths adventure for 8-14 year olds GIANTKILLER, and blog about your progress.
Rip-roaring Revision and Puzzle Packs

"Thanks for MATHMANIA which I installed on my 10 year old sons computer today. It has been difficult to drag him away ever since!" - R. Mooney

MathMania 7-11 packScienceMania 7-11 packWordMania 7-11 pack

Keeping kids on-track and learning during holidays can be a monumental challenge. Our popular Mania series (Maths, English, Science) can help keep 7-14 year olds on their toes while having some serious fun!

Working solo or competitively across a network (or the internet), players explore mazes with multi-choice questions - great fun! Packs also include challenging puzzles - click here to try Alphabet Invaders from WordMania KS2 (7-11)!

MathMania 7-11 screen

Players can design their own mazes. Parents and teachers can include their own questions.

There are 5 titles in this range - MathMania KS2, MathMania KS3, ScienceMania KS2, WordMania KS2 and WordMania KS3.

From just £20.40 each inc. VAT these value-for-money packs beat paper-based revision hands-down and develop recall and creative game-design skills. Click the links above for detailed information about and free demos of each pack!


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